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Our business reaches across the industry, environment and the communities in which we operate. We care deeply and seek out opportunities to make a positive difference to each of them.

We want to play our part. That’s why our teams share their time, energy and expertise to address the needs of the communities in which we live and work.


We partner with local charities to tackle issues of wider social concern – including health, education and the environment. Through this, we’ve been able to build meaningful and impactful relationships, with our teams actively participating in fundraising and volunteering activities. We also partner across our supply chain in these efforts, working collaboratively to drive change.

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Our business is built on strong foundations. Our highly-skilled and motivated teams have a great deal to offer outside their day-to-day roles. Many of them welcome the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise beyond the workplace, and we are committed to supporting them in this mission.


To shape the future of our industry, we need to attract the next generation. We are engaging with them, helping them experience first-hand how interesting and fulfilling a career in the energy sector can be.

In collaboration with Scotland’s Developing the Young Workforce programme, we are preparing children and young people for the world of work, as well as providing mentoring and work experience to students via the UK-wide initiative, Career Ready. And that’s not all. Together with the Stemettes, we’re providing access to inspirational women that already work in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), helping the next generation make informed decisions about their futures.


We are big believers in the power of a healthy workplace and a healthy workforce. That’s why we support events that provide our teams and the communities around us with the opportunity to improve their wellbeing.

In the Netherlands, our Hoofddorp team organises an annual walk, both on and offshore, to raise funds for Dutch childhood cancer foundation, KIKA. And in the UK, we sponsor and participate in events including the Aberdeen Corporate Games and The Tour de Furness charity cycle race in Barrow.